3W-140i B4 CS


Article nr.: 10.002.110 (Zug/Tractor) | 10.002.111 (Druck/Pusher)
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Cylinder capacity 136.00 ccm
Power 14.5 HP / 10.7 KW
Bore diameter 38.00 mm
Stroke 30.00 mm
Rpm range 1.000 – 8.500 U/min-1
Weight incl. ignition 4.000 kg incl. ignition
Crankshaft 5 ball bearing
Oil/gasoline ratio 1:50 Mix
Ignition 6.0 – 8.4 V DC
3W-140i B4 CS
SKU: 10.002.110 (Zug/Tractor) | 10.002.111 (Druck/Pusher) Categories: , ,

Competition engine (CS version) for extreme 3D and towing flights

Thanks to its power performance, the engine is very well suited for extreme 3D and towing flights. It can transport a maximum take-off mass of 18 kg when used in aerobatics. Here the engine runs extremely smoothly and quietly with a low level of vibration. Throttle response is very direct, equally so in the medium range.
The 3W Competition series (CS version) distinguishes itself through greater performance, more rapid response behaviour, and high torque. The engine thereby achieves a high standard of per-formance. Transfer ports in the cylinder and crankcase are modified.


  • Engage the engine
  • Maintenance & Overhaul
  • Motor test
  • Engine cleaning
  • Installation of the engine in aircraft
  • Year inspection

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