3W-220i B4 CS


Article nr.: 10.002.430 (Zug/Tractor) | 10.002.431 (Druck/Pusher)
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Cylinder capacity 220.00 ccm
Power 23.06 HP / 16.69 KW
Bore diameter 45.00 mm
Stroke 35.00 mm
Rpm range 1.000 – 7.500 U/min-1
Weight incl. ignition 6.200 kg incl. ignition
Crankshaft 5 ball bearing
Oil/gasoline ratio 1:50 / 2% Mix
Ignition 6.0 – 8.4 V DC
3W-220i B4 CS
SKU: 10.002.430 (Zug/Tractor) | 10.002.431 (Druck/Pusher) Categories: ,

Competition engine (CS version) for large models

The four cylinders and five-bearing crankshaft guarantee a quiet run. Vibrations are minimized whereby the model and electronics are preserved in the long term. The noise level is reduced at the same time. The engine is suitable for a broad variety of models and distinguishes itself through its reliability, durability, and power.
The 3W Competition series (CS version) distinguishes itself through greater performance, more rapid response behaviour, and high torque. The engine thereby achieves a high standard of per-formance. Transfer ports in the cylinder and crankcase are modified.
The microprocessor-controlled ignition enables simple engine start. The programmed ignition curve is exactly matched to the engines and guarantees good running characteristics in all rotation-al-speed ranges. The standard ignition can be operated with a voltage of 6 V up to 8.4 V (2-cell LiPo).


  • Engage the engine
  • Maintenance & Overhaul
  • Motor test
  • Engine cleaning
  • Installation of the engine in aircraft
  • Year inspection

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