Muffler LV/80K


Article nr.: 10.100.036
Price: 146,80 VAT included

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Diameter 85,00 mm
Length 375,00 mm
Max. cylinder capacity 80,00 ccm
Mussler manifold length 16 – 19 cm

3W mufflers have been specially matched and developed for our engines. They lend the engine good performance and very good running behaviour in the mid rotational-speed range. Noise development is minimized.

The muffler series can be used for nearly every model. Please select the matching muffler size based on the displacement of the engine used and not on the installation dimensions in the model. You will thereby avert damage to the power plant due to a too small muffler. The length of the manifold is decisive for good engine operation. Too short a manifold can overheat the engine thereby inflicting considerable damage on it. Running behaviour also deteriorates.

If the muffler doesn’t fit into your model in the first place, then you should accept the extra work needed in order to restore the engine to its full power. A correctly dimensioned muffler protects valuable models and engines from damage.