3W-110Xi B2 R


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Cylinder capacity 110.00 ccm
Power 11.8 HP / 8.68 KW
Bore diameter 45.00 mm
Stroke 35.00 mm
Rpm range 1.200 – 8.500 U/min-1
Weight incl. ignition 3.050 kg incl. ignition
Crankshaft 3 ball bearing
Oil/gasoline ratio 1:50 / 2% Mix
Ignition 6.0– 8.4 V DC
3W-110Xi B2 R
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Engines for the most varied application areas

A good choice for aerobatics, towing, or scale models, it impresses with quiet running behaviour thanks to its 3-bearing crankshaft. The engine develops a unique running smoothness with the matching 3W muffler system. It is suitable for a broad variety of models due to the weight-performance ratio and distinguishes itself through its reliability, durability, and power.
The microprocessor-controlled ignition enables simple engine control. The programmed ignition curve is exactly matched to the engines and guarantees good running characteristics in all rotation-al-speed ranges. The standard ignition can be operated with a voltage of 6 V up to 8.4 V (2-cell LiPo).


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