Bearcat F8F Silver


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Wingspan 256,00 cm
Length 204,00 cm
Weight 18,50 kg
Engine starting with 120 ccm
Servo 9 pcs.

Airbrush paint optional.
Model illustration may deviate from the original.

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Our warbirds are made in Full Composite. We selected this technology in order to be able to simulate a perfectly detailed surface. Rivets, bolts, panel lines , hatch covers, caps and textile surfaces (rudders) are perfectly reproduced in the surface giving a scale look. In our far advanced pre build models, the following parts are already installed:

  • Plug–in mounts / angle of attack
  • universal firewall
  • wheel bays installed
  • landing gear mounting
  • flaps and ailerons with hinges
  • servo bays and landing gear bays including cover