The new 3W 70 R2

Now available at the
introductory price !

The planning of the 70 ccm
inline engine goes back to 2009
with the first prototype testrun in 2018.

The engine is the perfect propulsion
system for model aircrafts and UAVs.

Classic version: 1,380.00 €

CS version: 1,480.00 €


Thanks to the low cylinder temperatures of the 3W 70 R2, no air ducting in the engine hood is necessary.

Due to the compact design with only one carburetor, the engine achieves a low weight of 2740 g including two ignitions.

It will beavailable in two versions:
• carburetor points towards cylinder
• Carburetor points towards crankcase
This opens up further possibilities for installation.

• Idle speed: 1000 rpm
• Maximum speed with 24×12 Xoar: 6000 rpm
• Maximum speed with 24×10 Xoar: 6300 rpm

The engine also contains a mounted and articulated throttle servo.



It runs extremely quietly and with amazingly low vibrations. This can be seen in the adjacent video.


The 3W 70 R2 achieves a high output of 6. 6
hp at 6000 rpm referred to weight and size.