Pitts S-12


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Wingspan 300,00 cm
Length 288,00 cm
Weight 22,5 kg
Engine starting with 200 ccm

Airbrush paint optional.
Model illustration may deviate from the original.

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A prebuild kit made from different materials. Our top pilots designed these models. During the development special attention was given to the fact that the models can be used for normal aerobatic flying as well as for 3D. During the time period we had been supported by international top pilots. In addition we receive feed back from our 3W-Team during test flights and competition. Our models are sport utilities giving top pilots and novices in aerobatic flying best chances for being successful .Due to a excellent power to weight ratio our customers are in a position to do all possible maneuvers.

Fuselage, motorcowl , main landing gear and wheel pants are made from fibre glass giving a low weight but good stability. The wings made of Wood are solid and durable. Repairs are easy to do. All formers are made of aircraft plywood.

Angle of attack is pre adjusted and various preparations make it easy to install components.

Prefabricated servo bays in the wings – suitable for our servo mounts – make the installation of servos easy and fast. The wings are ground and after priming they can be covered with foil.

Only high quality servos have to be used for models. Low cost servos can badly influence the flying characteristics and can make severe damage to the environment and safety of people.

Due to many variants we are offering we are in a position to meet all kind of demands starting with a standard kit ending with a model ready to fly with airbrush your personal airbrush painting scheme.

Just ask for a quotation.


  • RWhite gelcoated fiberglass fuselage
  • Motor cowling
  • Wings
  • Rudder
  • Fuel tank tray
  • Composite landing gear
  • Fiberglass wheel pants
  • Canopy frame
  • Carbon fiber tailwheel bracket
  • Wheel axles
  • Canopy