Hanau, 26. April 2018


3W-Modellmotoren GMBH   NOT   insolvent!!!

3W-Modellmotoren GmbH is not insolvent and is not in a preliminary insolvency proceeding. 3W is owned by the Weinhold and Wintrich families who are currently involved in a corporate battle to reorganize the leadership and ownership of the company.

The two managing directors Ute and Peter Weinhold are convinced that the attempted insolvency petition filed by the managing director Christine Wintrich was made with the intent of damaging the good name of 3W-Modellmotoren GmbH.
All orders are processed as originally scheduled and all payments to creditors are being made on time and in full.

There is reasonable suspicion that criminal activities detrimental to 3W-Modellmotoren have taken place and that assets belonging to 3W-Modellmotoren GmbH were illegally removed from the company’s premises.

The Weinhold family have decided effective immediately to solely manage the company without the involvement of the Wintrich family.

All the employees of 3W-Modellmotoren, our banks and our largest suppliers support the managing directors Ute and Peter Weinhold and will ensure that the 3W production in the Lise-Meitner-Strasse 33 in 63457 Hanau will continue without any interruptions. All orders on the books will be processed as scheduled. New orders placed on our web site will be executed as usual without interruptions.
Please direct any inquiries exclusively to Ute and Peter Weinhold.

Unfortunately, it will take some time until this transitional phase will be completed and Ute and Peter Weinhold will solely represent 3W-Modellmotoren GmbH.

3W Modellmotoren GmbH has terminated effective immediately the cooperation with 3W-International GmbH, which is run by Mr. Karsten Schudt, who is the son-in-law of Peter and Christiane Wintrich. 3W-Modellmotoren will no longer supply 3W-International GmbH with engines, spare parts and accessories.

For any additional information please address your inquiries to our business address Lise-Meitner-Strasse 33 in 63457 Hanau or call us at 0 61 81 / 56 86 8 or e-mail us to


Hanau, 2018年4月26日


3W-Modellmotoren GMBH   不存在   破产状况

3W-Modellmotoren GmbH不存在破产状况,也没有计划执行任何破产程序。由于在3W-Modellmotoren GmbH的两个创始家族Weinhold和Wintrich之间存在商业分歧,根据两位企业负责人Ute Weinhold和Peter Weinhold的评估确定,另一位企业负责人Christine Wintrich的破产声明存在权力滥用企图。我们在此重申,公司的所有订单仍将按计划完成,所有债务也仍将按期清偿。
我们有理由怀疑,过去存在3W-Modellmotoren GmbH的资产被非法转移的行为,以及对公司产生不利影响且与刑事责罚相关的交易。为进一步避免3W-Modellmotoren GmbH承受损失,Weinhold夫妇决定从即刻起在没有Wintrich夫妇参与的情况下独立领导公司运营。

所有公司员工,银行以及主要供货商均与Weinhold夫妇一起,确保在Lise-Meitner-Strasse 33,63447 Hanau进行的生产不会出现间断。所有现有订单都将按计划完成。新订单依旧可以通过我们的网站www.3w-modellmotoren.de提交,有关任何疑问请直接与Weinhold夫妇联系。
不幸的是,完成这个过渡阶段还需要一些时间,在此期间,Ute Weinhold和Peter Weinhold将作为唯一的企业负责人全权代表3W-Modellmotoren GmbH。
3W-Modellmotoren GmbH即刻终止与Wintrich夫妇的女婿-Karsten Schudt先生运营的3W-International GmbH之间的一切合作。从此将不会有任何发动机整机,备件以及附属配件等任何3W产品交付给3W-International GmbH。

关于其他详细信息请直接向企业地址 Lise-Meitner-Strasse 33, 63447 Hanau, Germany 致信,或致电+49 (6181) 56868,或向 邮件咨询。


3W Modellmotoren – drive solutions for the model flight




Model Aircraft


Spare Parts



For more than 35 years, we have been supplying high-quality model engines “Made in Germany”. Our employees develop, construct and manufacture a wide range of engines from 1-cylinder to 6-cylinder engines for ambitious competition and hobby pilots.

Full Competition Power!

3W-112i B4 CS


The four cylinders and five-bearing crankshaft guarantee a quiet run. Vibrations are minimized whereby the model and electronics are preserved in the long term. The noise level is reduced at the same time. The engine is suitable for a broad variety of models and distinguishes itself through its reliability, durability, and power.

3W Competition Series

3W up-to-date

Competition Series (CS-Version)


All engines are obtainable in the Competition series. Here the engines are optimized for performance enhancement. The transfer ports in the cylinder are modified and suitably reworked in the crankcase. The individual cylinders’ compression is adjusted in multiple-cylinder engines. Compression is increased. The following benefits result from this:
The engine’s torque and power are increased.
Throttle response improves in a lower RPM range.

The Competition series’s cylinders are painted with a highly temperature resistant, metallic orange 2K engine paint applied in two coats.

Twin Spark Option (TS-Version)


All engines beginning at 55 ccm can be delivered as a twin-spark (TS) version. Both ignitions work independently of one another here. The following benefits can be achieved using the TS version:

The engine runs at a lower idle; general operational behaviour is quieter.

Safety and reliability increase in both single- and multiple-cylinder engines when using the TS cylinder.

When one ignition fails, the second ignition working independently ensures that the engine continues to run with slightly reduced RPM.

3W-Video Award


Join the annual 3W-video award and upload your best flight video on our webpage. We will publish the best video every month in the video section of our front-page. The best of the monthly selected videos will be premiered with the 3W-video award at our annual 3W-christmas market.

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